Your Curated Guide to Style & Skincare

After much procrastination and deliberation I have finally entered the world of Blogging (eak)!  Style & Glow will bring you a curated style and skincare guide in the hopes of making life a little bit easier! With so much on offer in both of these categories it can be difficult to pick out what it is that you really want and for many – hard work trawling through shops and endless websites for that perfect item. Lucky for you, I actually love doing this and have decided it is time to share!

So, who am I? Just your average 30-something-Londoner who loves all things related to fashion and style, oh and I’m a GP who loves Dermatology and Skincare. So I thought, why not combine the two things that make up such a huge part of what I spend my time on. As a person who has always been slightly introverted, I have always used my sense of style to express myself and boost my confidence. After many years of my friends and family telling me I should explore my options in the world of fashion (not so easily done during 12 years of medical training), I finally have the time do it, funnily enough life as a doctor doesn’t really give you great networking contacts in the fashion industry, however, we all have to start somewhere and I’ll start with this!

I see so many patients with different skin care complaints, particularly with regards to Acne and whilst I can offer help with prescribable treatments, I always get asked what other products I would recommend that can be bought to try.  There are literally thousands of magic potions and lotions available and picking the right one can often be very confusing. Your skin is as unique as everything else is about you, something that works for one person may not work for another and so there is an element of trial and error involved. I hope that I can be your guide to buying the right products for your skin and I welcome any questions that you have!

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